Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On The Enlightenment of Plants.....

The Parable of the Great Rain Cloud

A dense cloud, spreading over and everywhere covering the whole three-thousand great-thousand fold universe, pours down its rain equally at the same time. Its moisture universally fertilizes the plants, trees, thickets, forests, and medicinal herbs…all receive its share. From the rain of the one cloud each plant, according to the nature of its kind, acquires its development- opening its blossoms and bearing its fruit…The Declarer of Truth (Tathagata-Buddha) is also like this; he appears in the world like the rising of that great cloud…I am the Declarer of Truth, the Buddha, the World-honored One…I know the present world and the world to come as they really are…

I look upon all living beings
Everywhere with equal eyes,
Without distinction of persons,
Or minds of love or hate.
I have no limitations or partiality;
Ever to all beings
I preach the Law equally;
As I preach to one person,
So I preach to all…
But beings, according to their nature,
Receive it differently,
Just as among plants and trees
Each takes a varying supply.

Shakyamuni Buddha
The Lotus Sutra

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